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What is the history of Roseville Pottery?


In 1892 George F. Young founded the Roseville Pottery Company in Zanesville, Ohio. The first pieces of Roseville Potter were made in 1900 under the name, "Rozane" or "Rozane Ware." Rozane Ware had highly glossed browns and blues with hand-painted animals, Indians, nature scenes and portraits. This hardly resembles the image most modern day collectors associate with the classic "Roseville" look.

In the late teens and early 1920's Rozane Ware started a new line called Rosecraft. The patterns in this line included Black colors, Vintage, Blended and the much sought after Hexagon. Rosecraft is said to be the precursor of the distinctive style of the Roseville line.

In 1926 George Young's son, Russell T. Young, took over the company and with his sense of style and refined taste he gave birth to what is known as Roseville Pottery.



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