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i have in my possesion a piece of what i believe is antique costume jewelry. it is stamped with a copywrite symbol and the word "lucienpiccar... it is either an o or d best i can tell.. is this a worth anything?i cannot find anything on the web about it at all .. please help

Vintage Lucien Piccard Jewelry

Lucien Piccard started producing watches and jewelry in the early and the company still makes timepieces today. Prices on new and antique Lucien Piccard watches range from $40 to several hundred dollars, depending upon the quality of the watch. Lucien Piccard watches with diamonds sell for thousands of dollars. Although the item you have may look like a vintage bracelet, it could have a hidden timepiece. Vintage Lucien Piccard watches or vintage jewelry in good to excellent condition has value. If the item has damage or missing stones that reduces the value. Vintage watches and antique jewelry are very desirable, and highly collectible. If you want extra cash, antique collectors love vintage name-brand watches like Lucien Piccard. And, it's rare to find jewelry by Lucien Piccard, so that helps increase your item's value, too. Use Lucien Piccard as a keyword search on some of the on-line auction sites to find a match for your item, and to get an idea of market value today.

1980`s madame alexander wizard of oz dolls?tin man, dorothy, etc. prices

Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander dolls are a favorite of children and discerning collectors all over the world. The value of vintage Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls depends upon the condition of the collectables and if they are still in the box. In perfect condition and still in the box, this set of antique dolls fetches several hundred dollars. Without boxes, but in mint condition, the Wizard of Oz collectable set might still bring $150-$300. Without boxes, and not in perfect condition, the dolls might sell in the $50 range. If you find a buyer who collects Madame Alexander, you may get more. Collectible items like vintage Beanie Babies, Smurfs or GI Joe toys are always collectible-and valuable- to the people that collect them.

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