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How should I care for my vinyl dolls?

Vinyl Dolls

Vinyl Dolls will display better in non-fluorescent lighting. Extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can discolor or melt your vinyl treasures.

To make ink stains or marks disappear, try Remove-Zit or a few applications of clearasil.

Any special precautions when repairing dolls?


If you are repairing a vintage/antique doll, be aware that setting, combing or changing the original hair on a vinyl doll lowers it's value.

How should I store celluloid dolls?

Celluloid Dolls

When storing celluloid dolls, keep them in a cool, well ventilated room or storage area and away from extreme heat. Celluloid is a combustible material.

What is the best method to clean composition dolls?

Composition Dolls

Never use water on composition dolls, it's like acid on skin. Try cleaning with Pond's Cold Cream or Vaseline with a soft tissue or Q-tip.

How should I care for wooden dolls?

Wooden Dolls

Wooden Dolls must be kept dry. Too much moisture can rot the wood. Painted faces or designs will fade or chip and fasteners such as rubber bands will rot and break.

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