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How else can I use my vintage aprons?

Apron Chair Covers

Tie a half-size vintage apron onto each chair seat, leaving the ties slightly loose to avoid tension on the fabric when you sit down. Very cute looking and instant "chic" chair pads!

What can I do with my old shoe buckles?

Napkin Holders

Vintage shoe buckles [think rhinestones for lots of sparkle] make very "chic" and "funky" looking napkin holders, especially when mismatched at your dinner table. Just simply slip your napkins through the openings.

What kind of crafts could I make out of vintage fabric?

Crafts with Linen

While scouting, shopping for vintage linens, don't pass up tablecloths, runners etc. that might be less than perfect looking. The material could be positioned in such a manner that many fine crafts could be created. Pillows, napkins, curtains, jackets, sundresses and skirts could all be fashioned. You might even want to frame a beautiful designed fabric.

What kind of crafts could I make out of my old jewelry?

Jewelry Odds and Ends

Wondering what to do with those vintage jewelry orphans? Put those "odds and ends" to good use and decorate with them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Decorate frames, switch plates, chairs, table legs, lamps, boxes, to name just a few.

Use a good glue such as E6000.

What should I do with my tea saucers?

Tea Saucer Frames

You might have a saucer or two in your cupboard without it's cup or perhaps you found some at the local yard sale or thrift shop. What to do? Use the tea saucers for framing a favorite loved one, pet etc.

Cut the picture in a circle to fit inside your saucer where the cup used to sit.

Glue in place or decoupage.

Cording or pretty colored braiding may be used to glue around the picture.

Place the saucer on a small plate stand and you have created a vintage keepsake and a great [inexpensive] gift!

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