Not an Ordinary Collector

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What is another definition of a collector?

Not an Ordinary Collector

I am not your ordinary collector.
- anonymous

I don't collect rocks, or stamps, or beanie babies, and I don't collect toys or postcards or any of the stuff most people collect. I collect memories. They aren't hard to find, and they aren't hard to keep. They're cheap, and they are meaningful. In this world I see too many people collecting material things, just to 'have' them.

Why does everyone have a need to have everything they see. You have more than one of something, and suddenly you find the urge to get more and more and more, and then it almost becomes an obsession. With memories, you can simply look back on life, and the wonderful experiences you've had.... but with other collections, later you can just look back on all the money that went into a meaningless hobby. Of course this isn't always true, some collections are of sentimental value, but most are superficial, and leave you empty.

My collection of memories is as colorful and vibrant as the best collection of beanie babies, it's as diverse as the biggest collection of stamps. It holds laughter, tears, fear and hope, and all I have to do is remember.



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