Is She Gifted?

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How do I identify a gifted child?

Is She Gifted?

Here are some behaviours of gifted children. Look to see if your student is really gifted.

Humor - Exceptionally keen sense of the comical, the bizarre, absurd.

Motivation - Intense desire to know, do, feel, create or understand.

Interests - Ardent, sometimes unusual, passionate, sometimes fleeting.

Communication/Expressiveness - Extraordinary ability to convey meaning or emotion through words, actions, symbols, sounds or media.

Inquiry - Probing exploration, observation or experimentation with events, objects, ideas, feelings, sounds, symbols, or media.

Problem-Solving - Outstanding ability to bring order to chaos through the invention and monitoring of paths to a goal; enjoyment of challenge.

Sensitivity - Unusually open, perceptive or responsive to experiences, feelings and to others.

Intuition - Sudden recognition of connections or deeper meanings with conscious awareness of reasoning or thought.

Reasoning - Outstanding ability to think things through and consider implications or alternatives; rich, highly conscious, goal-oriented thought.

Imagination/Creativity - Extraordinary capacity for ingenious, flexible use of ideas, processes or materials.

Memory/Knowledge/Understanding - Unusual capacity for to acquire, integrate, retain and retrieve information or skills.

Learning - Ability to acquire sophisticated understanding with amazing speed and apparent ease.



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