Kerosene Lamps

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What is the history of Kerosene Lamps?

Kerosene Lamps

Kerosene Lamps have been with us for about 150 years, and lamps that used other oils have come out of the dawn of pre-history. Our concern, though, starts in the 1850's when kerosene was found to be a clean burning, inexpensive fuel. With that, the race was on to give Americans stylish lighting.

You can find Kerosene Lamps made out of porcelain, tin, brass, zinc coated brass, pewter, bronze, glass, cut glass, pattern glass, spelter, copper, sterling silver and combinations of all. All of the above lamps came in various shapes, combination of shapes and sizes, from finger lamps to chandeliers. Today you can find just about any kind of antique lighting you need to decorate with and to accent your home.



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