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What is the history behind Tiffany Lamps?


Louis Comfort Tiffany was a painter, decorator, architect, landscapist, manufacturer, daring designer and master of pageantry. His vast energy, vitality, versatility, abounding curiosity, creative ability and scientific concern brought many beautiful works of art into the American home and many public buildings. These included paintings, tapestries, wall paper, tiles, stain glass windows, vases, lamps and desk accessories. He is best remembered, however, as a highly skillful and original maker of entrancingly beautiful opalescent glass and the inventor of new processes for making and using "art glass" in objects useful in home decoration. After a great deal of research and experimentation he was able to produce an iridescent glass known as "Favrile" and his first glass shades made of this new glass were placed on the market in 1895.



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