First World War

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Describe toys in the First World War period?

First World War

With the new processes, makers could replicate the world around them with immediacy, taking advantage of current inventions, fashions or fads. First World War teddy bears came dressed in battle fatigues and dolls wore nurses uniforms. Toy zeppelins and aeroplanes were created, battleships and submarines appeared powered not only by clockwork or steam but, increasingly, by battery.



10/29/2007 5:37:59 PM
Pieter Wyminga said:

I wonder if your "factory" can make an SE5a double decker plane. It entered the war in 1917; many pilots were quite impressed with the machine. It wwas made in the Royal English Aircraft factory. It came with an excellent gunnery platform and it won many a battle with the German Fokker plane.


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