Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls

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1980`s madame alexander wizard of oz dolls?tin man, dorothy, etc. prices

Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander dolls are a favorite of children and discerning collectors all over the world. The value of vintage Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls depends upon the condition of the collectables and if they are still in the box. In perfect condition and still in the box, this set of antique dolls fetches several hundred dollars. Without boxes, but in mint condition, the Wizard of Oz collectable set might still bring $150-$300. Without boxes, and not in perfect condition, the dolls might sell in the $50 range. If you find a buyer who collects Madame Alexander, you may get more. Collectible items like vintage Beanie Babies, Smurfs or GI Joe toys are always collectible-and valuable- to the people that collect them.



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