Colors of Fiestaware

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What are the early colors of Fiestaware?

Colors of Fiestaware

In the beginning, the line of Fiestaware included 55 pieces issued in six original colors: ivory, yellow, medium green, red and colbalt blue with turquoise being added in 1937. Between then and 1951 five more colors were added: grey and light green in 1943, then rose, chartreuse and forest green in 1951. These early colors are considered the most valuable. The company tried to update the colors in 1969 to a more earthly palette and altered the look slightly, calling it "Fiesta Ironstone", but after four years the endeavor flopped. The Fiestaware line was discontinued in 1973.



8/30/2009 1:14:30 PM
caflew said:

This site has medium green listed as an "original" color. This is wrong. Light green was part of the original colors. Medium green did not come out until 1959.


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