Hard Water

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What can hard water do to my glasses and how can I treat it?

Hard Water

Hard water left in glass can leave deposits of calcium carbonate, and alcohol will often leave dark stains which can be treated with a solution of denture cleaner and warm water or with an organic acid such as citric acid, white vinegar or a mixture of one tablespoon of salt to a quarter of a pint of vinegar. Whichever is used, leave in the glass or decanter for 24 hours, shaking occasionally, then rinse and dry thoroughly. If stains are still there, repeat the process, although it may not be possible to remove them completely. Do not use stronger acids, as they may etch into old glass. Alcohol-based perfume bottle stains can be treated with methylated spirits or pure alcohol. This should be changed every hour or so until the stains have gone. If attempts to clean glass using these methods fail, the process can be done professionaly for a relatively low cost. Specialist glass dealers can usually advise on reputable dealers.



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